Medicare & Insurance orders can be placed at our Mayo Clinic Store locations or 888-303-9354

Mayo Clinic Store retail locations are in-network with several insurance companies, which allows for a higher level of benefits than when purchasing equipment and supplies out-of-network. Check with your insurance provider for network status.

Medicare and Insurance Claims Assistance

We will file a Medicare B claim or private insurance form on your behalf. For us to do this, you and your provider must provide the following information:

  • Name and address of the patient
  • Medicare or insurance policy number
  • Date of birth
  • The doctor’s prescription for the item, signed and dated on or
    before the date of your order,with:
    • Treating provider's National Provider Identifier Number
    • Diagnosis code and description

Please mail the requested information with your order.  Other documentation maybe required based on the product purchased and insurance provider.  Inquiries about reimbursements should be made through your Medicare or insurance office. Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for any reimbursements.

Please Note

  • Mayo Clinic Store does not guarantee the payers reimbursement. Reimbursement is based on the payers assessment of the patient’s need. Reimbursement amount is determined by Medicare or the insurance company and may vary from state to state. This may be less than the purchase amount.
  • Medicare or the insurer will send the explanation of benefits and any reimbursement directly to the patient.
  • Certain items in this catalog may require a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) to be completed by the patient’s doctor. We will send the appropriate CMN to the patient's doctor once we have received the prescription. Please note that a claim requiring a CMN takes longer to process.
  • Please be aware that Medicare or the insurer may change the allowable reimbursement without sending any notice.

Customers Entering Medicare

A person who was receiving supplies under commercial insurance and is transitioning to Medicare coverage must have a face-to-face evaluation by the treating physician for some products (for example Sleep Apnea products) after having first signed up for Medicare. The physician must document specific information in the medical record and we must have this information in our files before we can submit purchases for Medicare coverage. A detailed prescription is required to provide supplies and to bill Medicare insurance.

Switching Providers for CPAP Supplies

If a person would like to obtain CPAP supplies from our store, but has changed providers, we will need specific information to be able to send the items to Medicare. This information should be mailed to us at Mayo Clinic Store, 21 2nd Street SW, Suite 1-18, Rochester, MN 55902.

  • A new prescription
  • Copy of Home or in-facility sleep study demonstrating qualifying need for therapy equipment
  • Face-to-face physician visit documentation demonstrating the reason the original sleep study was indicated
  • Medicare information
  • Purchase date of CPAP and supplies

Competitive Bid

In certain geographic areas of the country Medicare uses a bidding process for providers of sleep therapy supplies and equipment. We are not a contracted provider with Medicare in these competitive bid areas and consequently cannot bill any orthotic equipment and supplies to Medicare.


We can assist you in finding a store in your area that may be able to provide services for you. In some instances we can help traveling patients who reside in a competitive bid area with supply needs. Again, our staff will help you determine if it is appropriate for us to provide you with supplies.

Please review the link below for information concerning new patients to Mayo Clinic Store and Mayo Clinic

Medical Supplies and Equipment Commonly Covered by Insurance

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